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Meal Preparation

In Home Meal Preparation

Nutritious, regular and balanced meals are essential for healthy aging. Poor nourishment may worsen the impact of chronic diseases, slow healing, and lower the resistance to infection.

Nutritional needs do change with age. Many seniors lose their appetite because their sense of taste and smell diminish.

At Calgary Elder Care, we make sure that your loved ones consume nutritious meals that are prepared with an awareness of dietary restrictions, as well as personal preferences.

It can be quite easy to overlook regular meals. Often meal preparation can be a chore, too difficult, or simply forgotten. Nutritious meals need care to plan and prepare. Our caregivers can help you in the kitchen should you choose to leave the cooking to us. When your meal is ready our caregivers are happy to provide a little company during your meal or can clean up the kitchen while you are eating.


Support in a way that suits you best

Our caregivers receive regular information and recipes for nutritious, great tasting meals that they can prepare for everyone, including for those with special dietary needs. They will work with you or your loved one to plan and prepare meals, do the grocery shopping, and even provide dinner and companionship.

In-home care and senior meal preparation services can ensure elders stay healthy, while also providing quality of life through good meals shared in good company.

  • menu planning
  • special diets
  • diet monitoring – including low sugar, no salt, etc.
  • recipe research
  • make favourite recipes
  • grocery shopping
  • meal preparation
  • setting the table in appealing fashion
  • companionship while eating
  • cleaning fridge and checking out dates on food