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Ambulation, Transfers and Exercises

Having mobility issues makes moving from one area of the house to another very difficult, and if not done properly, can result in serious injury. Seniors often have impaired vision, balance disturbances and decreased sensation, all which contribute to falls and further injuries.  Impaired mobility is often a challenge for them.


Transfers and Exercises

In an effort to maintain their independence and daily functioning, Calgary Elder Care’s experienced caregivers who are knowledgeable about the principles of body mechanics, will encourage and assist with standing, walking, if possible, positioning, transfers, and light exercise, including range of motion exercises.  Range of motion exercises are helpful for seniors in preventing contractures and maintaining joint mobility.

As we age, all skeletal bones are at risk of breaking, and commonly, it is the wrist or spine that is damaged. When getting in or out of bed – or the bath, the elderly are at risk of spine injury, with just a sharp twist or unanticipated movement. When falling, the wrist can take the brunt of the impact.  Calgary Elder Care caregivers will ensure transfers from bed to wheelchair, etc., are done safely and properly, giving them the peace of mind they and their families need as they maintain their independence.

Calgary Elder Care’s goal is to maintain the maximum attainable level of functioning and independence, ensuring your loved one can be where they want – in their own home.