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You. Are. Old. - Calgary Elder CareYou are old, and that’s ok. There is a quote by George Bernard Shaw that says “Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.” But whoever said you can’t be youthful in old age? Maybe your body tells you that every time you get up out of a chair… Or maybe your barber tells you that when you pay more for a haircut now than you ever did…and you have far less hair!

When did you start thinking of yourself as old? Try and think back. When did you first really say to yourself “wow, I’m old”? Can you remember? Was there a specific day you woke up and said, “I’m old”?

Maybe you have never said that – but now you realize that you are actually old, and your life has flashed before your eyes and seemed short and we have made you depressed, and you took out your savings to buy a motorcycle and become a writer… But fear not – for there is nothing to fear in aging.

Really ask yourself, what is old and who said I’m old? My failing body? My failing memory? But is being old just relative? You may be old compared to a child, but young compared to a giant tortoise (a giant tortoise named Jonathan just turned 182). But I want you to ask yourself this question…


If I never knew my age – what would I be doing now and how would I feel about myself?

Now ask yourself, is my many years, really that much different than the butterfly’s two days in the whole history of the universe? Two days may not seem like much to you, but it’s a lifetime to a butterfly. Ninety years might not seem like much to Jonathan – who is more than double that, but to you its’s your lifetime. The butterfly never had a chance to say “wow, I’m old” and dwell on it; it takes the two days it has and embraces it.

Now it’s time to embrace yours!

There is nothing wrong with feeling old and aging… But let’s turn the tables on it… Figure out if you are letting your age define you or inspire you. Let it inspire you to share your stories, to start a conversation with a youth, to pass on your wisdom. Challenge your body a little, challenge your mind a lot, dance if you can, cook for fun, and remember that aging, when compared to the alternative, is pretty great.

Joy doesn’t know how old you are, and it doesn’t care, as long as you’re inviting it in.

If you or a family member are scared, or stressed about any challenges that come with aging, we hope you will stay tuned and we can provide you with some comfort and guidance, and embrace aging in a positive light…

Hoping you stay inspired!

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